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AboutGrupo Pochteca

We are a Mexico based company with a considerable international presence dedicated to the sale and distribution of a broad array of industrial raw materials, a task in which we service more than 40 industrial sectors including water treatment, mining, the food and automotive industries, oil exploration and drilling, personal care, cleaning and sanitation products, metalworking and dozens of other industries.

In order to better attend to those industries, we are organized into five major business segments:

  • Solvents and blends
  • Lubricants and greases
  • Chemicals for the food industry
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Paper and board

We offer more than 5,500 products in our catalogue consisting of both generic and specialized products with which we cater to each segment of the industries we serve.

Through our 34 distribution centers in Mexico, three in Central America, and seven in Brazil, we serve over 20,000 customers each year in more than 500 cities, with support provided by specialists in each sector who in turn rely on seven quality control laboratories, and five labs specializing in research and application development.

The company also enjoys the support of domestic and foreign suppliers that are internationally regarded as industry leaders

We have the capacity to store 20.2 million liters of liquids and more than 322,000 m2 of logistics capacity in which to store our products and from which we provide service and technical support to our customers.

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