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Business segments

In Grupo Pochteca we are organized into two business segments, the first being Pochteca Raw Materials, which is divided into four business divisions:

  • Solvents and blends
  • Lubricants and greases
  • Chemicals for the food industry
  • Inorganic chemicals

The second is Pochteca Paper, which processes and sells paper and board.

The Raw Materials business segment is by far the Group’s largest and accounts for 91% of consolidated sales. The Inorganic Chemicals division is the most representative as it generates 45% of total sales, followed by Solvents and Blends at 25%, Lubricants at 12% and Food with 9%.

Pochteca Paper accounts for 9% of the company’s consolidated sales.

Inorganic chemicals

We distribute a wide variety of inorganic chemicals, both generic and specialized, that are used in applications for water treatment, agrochemicals, textiles, cleaning and personal care, mining and oil industry services, among other industrial fields.

Our application-development laboratory for cleaning and personal care products allows us to develop solutions tailor-made for our clients.

Oil Services

Water treatment


Solvents and blends

We supply high performance solvents while taking advantage of our capability to recycle used solvents. We have strengthened our value proposition by offering coatings, pigments, additives, resins and specialized chemicals for the automotive, electronics, resins, oil exploration and drilling, construction, paint and varnish industries, among others.

We have a laboratory for producing solvents and blends designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, and for validating the quality of our inputs.

We also have a pigment applications laboratory that allows us to match colors for our clients.


Shell Lubricants chose us to be the company’s B2B (business-to-business) Master Distributor in Mexico in December 2010, and in El Salvador in 2011.

We serve a wide range of industries including the transportation, mining, food, construction, automotive, power generation, aviation, agriculture, marine, oil and gas sectors using Shell’s lubricants, greases and specialty products. We also support our customers by providing them with a technical service designed to generate value proposals.


We attend to the beverage, meat, dairy, confectionery, and baked goods industries as well as to those engaged in the production of sauces, dressings, soups and pastas, among others. We supply functional additive ingredients, texturing systems, conservatives, sweeteners and integral solutions that help to improve their formulations.

To that end we have an application development laboratory in which we work directly with our clients to improve their products and optimize their costs.


We distribute and convert paper products for the publishing, design, printing, advertising and packaging industries.

Bread industry

Sauces and Seasonings




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