Message from the
Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

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Dear all:

It is my pleasure to present you Pochteca’s performance in matters of sustainability, as we have achieved very good results with the support of our stakeholders.

We are committed to the efficient use of natural, economic and social resources while assuring that our products fulfill the highest quality and sustainability standards.

Since we founded the Company in 1988, we have maintained a long-term vision, generating meaningful jobs for our employees, investing in their development and training. During 2018, we provided more than 3,500 hours of online training and more than 26,000 hours of classroom instruction. We also have a future talent program for young people who are later promoted inside the company as we are faithfully committed to their development and growth.

This year we are celebrating the permanence of 448 employees who have been with Pochteca for more than five years.

We are implementing high impact programs such as a Culture of Legality initiative called “I Do the Right Thing.” Through this training, communication and follow-up program, we strengthen our person-centered culture by treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves, with responsibility, respect, commitment, honesty and frugality.

We are an inclusive Company that supports diversity and gender equality. Our diverse team is comprised of people of different ages, origins, and genders and with distinct religious and sexual preferences. During 2018, 173 women were hired accounting for 29.5% of our new talent. We also promote family integration through togetherness promotion activities.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) assures we meet our financial and sustainability goals while all of our operations comply with the entirety of national and international standards we have voluntarily adopted, the most significant of which include RDP (Responsible Distribution Process) certification from the NACD (National Association of Chemical Distributors); ISO 9001:2015, which we renewed this year, FSC®; and the Integrated Responsible Management System (SARI) program of the National Association of Chemical Industries, A.C. (ANIQ), which also rated our TLYDSA transport business as surpassing the industry average.

Moreover, we maintain a responsible value chain, making sure our suppliers live up to best practices. Along that same line, we have set a goal of expanding our solvent recycling capacity from five to six processing lines with the capacity to recover more than 5.9 million liters annually.

We have developed product applications with latest generation and environmentally friendly materials for food, cleaning and personal care products, coatings, metalworking, mining and petroleum, among others.

We are greatly concerned about the wellbeing of communities neighboring where we are located. Therefore, we participate in diverse activities and initiatives in regions where we operate by establishing and maintaining strategic alliances with civil associations.

We are committed to our stakeholders, maintaining a clear and constant dialogue in order to better understand their concerns, opinions and needs in relation to our business. We have defined the economic, environmental and social indicators that we operate under, which also contribute to fulfilling our mission and vision.

On behalf of Pochteca, we express our thanks for the support and confidence entrusted to us throughout the year, and we wish to reiterate our commitment to continue working jointly with our employees, customers and suppliers to build the path toward sustainability, essence of our values and operations.

Eugenio Gerardo Manzano Alba
Chief Executive Director