social impact

social impact

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GRI 419: 103-1

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We are committed to the environment in which we operate, and conduct diverse activities for contributing to our stakeholders’ progress.

Mexico - Leon

Every year, we work with different foundations with the aim of reinforcing our firm belief in social responsibility and the development of the communities in which we work.

• We hold events designed to involve our employees’ families. We invite them so they can get to know our emergency processes, risks, controls and guidelines for guaranteeing the safety of all those engaged in the supply chain, including our neighbors and the environment. We conduct games aimed at raising awareness among our employees’ children and other relatives about the importance of doing the right thing as in the case of our campaign to achieve a safe environment, “I do the right thing”.

• We participate in campaigns for promoting corporate and local donations in the Fundación Julián and Kardias.

• We donate to local communities.

During 2018, more than 500 people participated in family events in our plants and branches


• Caring for our safety and that of others

• Environmental stewardship

• Complying with applicable regulations

• Fulfilling our responsibilities

• Overseeing our business’ ethics and integrity

• Supporting and working with the authorities

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