We base our operation on a preventive and sustainable approach focused on continuous improvement.

Mexico - San Jose

Pochteca had general management empower an interdisciplinary team to take charge of implementing, monitoring and communicating inside and outside the Company our sustainability strategy to all interested parties.

This interdisciplinary group is led by distinct Directors and Managers drawn from the following corporate departments:

• Finance

• Marketing

• Human resources

• Management systems

In the monthly management review and annual strategic planning sessions, we analyze how the strategy is performing in relation to key indicators.

During 2018, we applied a new work philosophy called Integrated Customer-focused Transformation (or TIC for its Spanish acronym), which central purpose is to increase processes efficiency, decrease waste and improve communications and working conditions within teams, thereby strengthening the Company’s sustainability strategy.

We began by implementing the initiative among four high performance teams:

1. Cuernavaca branch

2. Conjunto LAR Bolivar branch

3. Order and delivery processing

4. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

We will conclude the experience with these high performance teams and measure the results during 2019 based on the following process:

2En Team Design Planning Diagnostic Validation Tools Transfer

Mexico - Leon

Integrated Management
System policy

Integrated Management
System policy


Grupo Pochteca works with a focus on risk reduction and continuous processes improvement to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and all other parties interested in our business, as well as to meet our financial and growth objectives while basing the operation on our 4 sustainability pillars.

We have ISO 9001:2015 certification that applies to both Mexico and Brazil.

In the case of Mexico, it includes the three plants and corporate headquarters in the Greater Mexico City Metropolitan Area, which accounts for 60% of our certified operations.

In Brazil, certification extends to all five of our facilities, thus accounting for 100% of our certified operations.

This policy’s commitment and operability were determining factors in:

• Successfully transitioning our ISO 9001 certification from version 2008 to that of 2015.

• Keeping our certifications up to date.

• Maintain our customers’ confidence on the strength of the audits received.

5% of effectiveness # of audit days 20 15 83 20 16 20 17 20 18 8389965233272083
Our people

We work to assure their wellbeing, health and safety, offering fair treatment in according to the law.


We set controls in our operations to reduce the impact to the environment.


We assure the quality of our products and the safety of food grade materials, operating in a secure and ethical manner with all those engaged in the supply chain while maintaining operating expense efficiency.


We act in accordance with our values and applicable regulations while supporting communities and helping them build a culture of legality, responsibility, and mutual cooperation.

Mexico - San Jose

Management System

Management System

102-11, 102-13

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) is the foundation of our operations. It allows us to manage, control and evaluate our performance to assure a continual improvement process.

Accordance to our IMS policy, we have defined four objectives to archieve our goals on the level of:


This financial indicator measures a company’s capacity to generate income strictly based on its productive activity: earnings before interests, taxes depreciation and amortization.

The way in which our team collaborates to fulfill this goal is by increasing sales and gross margins, controlling expenses, avoiding claims and eliminating fines, accidents and/or reworks.


In the search for continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we must optimize our processes execution.

We achieve this by analyzing our customers’ needs, constantly monitoring our indicators in order to take action in line with our performance, as well as identifying risks and mitigating them through indicators and controls.


This index mesures our performance in matters of safety and helps us better understand how to improve.

Our employees fulfill the highest safety standards by sensitizing and rasing awareness. We provide them with safety recomendations, safety inspections through our Environmental, Health and Safety recording and monitoring system (EHS).

Comply RECALL objectives

A product recall is the process of retrieving products that might pose a risk to consumer health and/or which fail to meet regulatory criteria or suffers from labeling errors. All of this is done for the purpose of protecting public health.

We meet this objective by means of complying with manufacturing requirements, keeping our warehouses in order, and respecting each product’s batch and procedures.




102-29, 102-31, 102-44, 102-46, 102-47

Cognizant of just how important it is for our sustainability report to include the most significant matters to our stakeholders, we had an external consultant to undertake a Materiality Report. The results of that analysis allow us to identify the issues related to our operations with the greatest impacts on our stakeholders, and that as a result are important to generating the content of this report.

The methodology of the materiality analysis took as a point of reference a benchmark between the maturity of major companies in the sector dedicated to the distribution of speciality chemical products, and the risk characterized by sectorial and social prescribers –whether legally binding or voluntary– for economic, social and environmental matters.

Brazil, the study included a review of public information from four major companies in the sector dedicated to the distribution of specialty chemical products, as well as at four sectorial and four social prescribers. In Central America, the study analyzed public information from three major companies in the sector, as well as three sectorial and three social prescribers.


The most significant issues were discussed with four of our stakeholders –investors, employees, clients and suppliers– in order to validate material aspects for the 2018-2019 period.

The sample was comprised of 111 employees in Brazil and 38 in Central America, 14 investors and 185 clients in Mexico, and 56 suppliers globally.

The survey consisted of questions that allowed us to know stakeholder´s opinions, as well as the context in which they interact with our Company. It also made possible a quantitative evaluation of major issues detected in our 2017 materiality report, as well as those conducted in Brazil and Central America during 2018.

• 34% of our Brazilian employees that participated in the survey said constant training was of importance.

• 28% of Brazil employees and 39% in Central America said our Company needs to focus its attention on guaranteeing a safe workplace, as well as the existence of a prevention culture and the measures necessary for avoiding accidents.

• 24% of employees in Central America said their greatest concern is job security.

• 34% of customers surveyed in Mexico said it was important to assure that product and service advertising convey true and reliable information.

Important risk factor issues for Pochteca are:

1. RSC management

2. Corporate governance

3. Risk management

4. Ethics and integrity

5. Corruption, bribery and transparency

6. Brand management

7. Financial matters

8. Operations

9. Product and service development /product responsibility

10. Customer-Relationship Management

11. Environmental policies

12. Materials (products we offer as raw materials)

13. Energy eco-efficiency

14. Water resource management

15. Biodiversity

16. Climate change

17. Waste management

18. Talent attraction and retention

19. Human capital development

20. Diversity and equal opportunities

21. Occupational health and safety

22. Human rights

23. Social impact

24. Supplier standards

9En MEXICO MATERIALITY 11 8 3 9 12 14 16 13 15 23 5 1 7 2 10 4 18 6 17 21 20 19 24 22 1 00% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 40% 50% 35% 45% 55% 60% 65% 70% 80% 75% 85% 90% 95% 1 00% 95% 85% 75% 65% 55% 45% Sector maturity + Sectorial prescribers + Social prescribers Emerging Generalized U rgen t Necessary Pochteca + Stakeholders
10En BRAZIL MATERIALITY 8 6 9 12 14 16 13 15 23 5 1 7 2 10 4 18 3 17 21 20 19 24 22 11 1 00% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 40% 50% 35% 45% 55% 60% 65% 70% 80% 75% 85% 90% 95% 1 00% 95% 85% 75% 65% 55% 45% Sector maturity + Sectorial prescribers + Social prescribers Emerging Generalized U rgen t Necessary Pochteca + Stakeholders
11En CENTRAL AMERICA MATERIALITY 1 00% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 40% 50% 35% 45% 55% 60% 65% 70% 80% 75% 85% 90% 95% 1 00% 95% 85% 75% 65% 55% 45% Sector maturity + Sectorial prescribers + Social prescribers 8 Emerging Generalized U rgen t Necessary 3 6 9 12 14 16 13 15 23 5 1 7 2 10 4 18 17 21 20 19 24 22 11 Pochteca + Stakeholders



102-21, 102-40, 102-42, 102-43, 102-44

We have identified our stakeholders and our commitment to each of them. These commitments are of overarching importance to establishing our culture and strategies. Therefore, we survey them for the purpose of incorporating their expectations and needs into our strategies, which we update each year to achieve the elements necessary to improve our performance and respond to them.

Our customers

We have various types of established mechanisms to address the following points:

• Guarantee our customers’ safety by assessing the risks associated with handling our materials, and providing training in the use, handling, applicable regulations, and disposal of the waste materials we sell.

12En % More or less, or not at all Important Very important 2014 2016 2018 How important is it for Pochteca to have 19 16 19 81 84 75 (192) (67) (100) 6
13En Have you assessed us as a supplier in any Conditional Reliable 2014 (192) (67) (100) 2016 2018 89 87 94 11 13 6
14En Have you audited us or do your supplier controls demand auditing? 2014 (192) (67) (100) 2016 2018 67 36 38 30 3 64 62 Don’t know Yes No

We focus on staying in constant communication in order to detect each group’s needs in a timely manner

15En Did you know Pochteca abides by Don't know Yes No 2014 (192) (67) (100) 2016 2018 81 82 75 19 16 25 2
16En Do you know that your company is co-responsible, together with the supplier, in handling, use and storage of dangerous chemical products that you buy? Dont know Yes No 2014 (192) (67) (100) 2016 2018 86 93 91 14 7 9

• Evaluate and define actions in relation to customer satisfaction. During 2018 the main areas of opportunity detected and in which the high-performance teams will be focusing are: sales / representatives / customer service and communication.

Costa Rica

2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey

TopicsLubricantsRaw materials Paper Basic industry*
Product quality97.
Shipping and reception conditions90.0 89.0 85.1 87.1
Sales executives 83.0 79.5 81.6 85.2
Communication 87.0 83.5 80.3 87.3
Administrative support94.0 90.0 89.6 89.0
Client service 83.0 80.9 81.6 88.9
Technical support94.0 99.2 80.9 85.5
General satisfaction89.7 87.7 84.3 87.2

* Source: FACTUM Mercadotécnico parameter

Costa Rica

Our employees

We have strategies for attracting, retaining and developing our employees using internal tools that we have strengthened year after year:

• Pochteca Personnel Development (DPP in Spanish)

This tool allows us to evaluate our employees’ objectives and competencies aligned with the Company’s strategy.

• Universidad Virtual Pochteca (UVP)

Allows us to conduct distance training in courses designed for each employee’s job profile.

We launched two more tools that complement our commitment to our employees:

• Opinion and culture evaluations

To know the employees’ commitment to the Company and their teams.

• Candidates interview panel

Allows us to optimize time and resources and affords us a greater sense of certainty as to the talent we have chosen.

Our community

Without compromising the wellbeing of the communities adjacent to our operations, we generate job and development opportunities through:

• Providing donations, advisory services and training for educational centers, associations and foundations.

• Comply applicable laws.

Our suppliers

Sustainable criteria for selection, evaluation and suppliers development, as well as aligning and harmonizing strategies to assure mutual benefits.

We have set ourselves the goal of launching in 2019 a supplier management website for improving communication, follow-up and responses to the non-conformance reports that are currently sent to the vendor by email and managed manually within the Company. The website will allow our suppliers to duly receive general and per-event performance data for each period.

Our competition

• Professionalism and honest competition.

• We share better practices through the associations and other groups we belong to: ANIQ, OMNICHEM, NACD, NPTA, CANACINTRA and Club de Editores.

Our shareholders

• Growth, profitability, and a competitive return on investment.

Our authorities

It is important to regularly interact with the authorities that regulate our activities. Such interaction includes complying with regulatory requirements through inspections, mutual support groups, contributing to the development of applicable regulations, and participating in events coordinated by the authorities.

18En 2015 2016 2017 2018 24 28 28 24 NUMBER OF INSPECTIONS 19En 2015 2016 2017 2018 129,009 160,273 114,038 AMOUNT OF FINES